Leadership & Management Courses

Our Leadership & Management Training Programs are designed to build the capability of leaders and managers to achieve their expected organisational results, and to respond to the range of common frustrations and challenges experienced within these work roles in the NGOs, Government sector, and related business services. All training programs are based on current evidence-based approaches and models applicable to your sector, workplace context and role.


Effective Leadership & Management Practices

This comprehensive 2 day training program will develop participants’ knowledge, skills and competence in the key leadership and management practices critical to achieving planned results and optimising team performance.


Project Management Essentials

This comprehensive 2 day training program will provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills required to successfully manage and evaluate projects and programs of all sizes, purpose and scope, on time and within budget.


Successful Change Management 

This leadership training program will develop the competence of CEOs, senior management teams and team leaders in all aspects of best practice change management steps. This includes assessing, planning, implementing, and managing and overcoming resistance to organisational change.


Building High Performance Teams

This training program will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and competence required to build, lead and sustain high performance teams in a range of diverse workplace contexts.


Manager as Coach & Mentor

This training program will develop managers, team leaders and supervisor’s competence in effectively applying a coaching and mentoring approach to working with staff to improve performance and achieve required results.


Managing Challenging People

This training program will develop the competence of managers, team leaders and supervisors to manage staff identified as ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’, in a constructive, positive, ethical and legal manner.


Results Focussed Strategic & Action Planning

This training program will provide participants with current best practice approaches to all levels of organisational planning. This includes developing relevant and useful strategic plans, business plans and team action plans that result in achieving organisational goals.


Manage People, Performance & Feedback

This training program will develop participants’ skills, knowledge and competence in current best practice approaches to managing people, performance and feedback to improve individual and team performance, morale, commitment and productivity.


Quality Improvement & Risk Management 

This training program will provide participants with skills, knowledge and competence in assessing, planning and implementing risk management and quality improvement systems and processes to improve service delivery and organisational effectiveness.


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

This training program will develop participants’ understanding of all aspects of emotional intelligence competencies found to be the essential elements of effective leadership, building a high performance team culture and achieving successful team and organisational results.


Best Practice Frontline Management

This comprehensive 2 day training program will provide participants with the essential skills, knowledge and competencies required for best practice frontline management, as required to successfully lead teams, to achieve results and to ensure delivery of quality services.


Management Style, Team Dynamics & Climate

This training program will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the key management styles impacting on organisational climate, team dynamics and performance.


Effective NGO Board Governance

This comprehensive training program will propel your Board of Directors / Management Committee to a higher level of performance and ensure that your Board leadership model supports the current best practice Board governance framework.


Leadership & Management Coaching Program

Coaching is a highly flexible, individualised, tailored one-on-one approach to developing the leadership and management competencies required to improve your performance and achieve the results expected of you in your work role.


Other courses are available!

We have designed and delivered numerous customised professional development and training programs for our NGO and Government sector clients to address their specific needs. We deliver training in all areas across Australia including regional and remote areas.

Customised training courses available

We design customised professional development and training programs for NGO and government clients to address their particular needs. We deliver training across Australia including metro, regional and remote areas.

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In-house training available Australia-wide, in all cities and regional areas

Our services

Training Services

Achieve optimal results through our tailored courses on leadership, management, performance, counselling, client work and customised training to suit your needs.

Consulting Services

Address organisational challenges including change management, capacity building, guidelines and HR systems development, board governance and more.

Coaching Services

Leadership and management coaching, team coaching, individual staff coaching and mentoring programs, customised to suit your particular organisation.

Psychologist Services

Our workplace psychologists help improve team psychosocial wellbeing and performance, delivering employee assistance, supervision and conflict management programs.

Our clients

"Kerri was a great help to us at The Housing Trust supporting a 360 degree review of our CEO and developing an in-house performance review process. She was a pleasure to work with, delivered what she committed to on time and with professionalism."

- Chair, The Housing Trust

"Kerri is great to work with – she is very collaborative and makes clear contributions. She provides strategic thinking on how to best implement training and ensure that it has impact sector-wide."

– Senior Manager, NSW Health

"The facilitator did an excellent job - the discussions were comprehensive, engaging and flowed well, and we achieved everything we set out to do."

– Workshop participant, ACON

"Kerri never loses sight of the big picture and keeps the whole team on track, while at the same time being meticulous and thorough. The result is our team's latest and very ambitious state-wide project, which involves work with many health services, is tracking well and meeting its goals in a calm and planned manner."

– Project Manager / Analyst, NSW Health

"When developing our Leadership & Change Management workshops I was impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of the preparation. The workshops were engaging and interactive, keeping all participants involved and ‘on their toes’. Feedback was very positive. I look forward to working with Allwood & Associates again in the future."

– ACHSM, Queensland

"The trainer was a fabulous presenter! Very knowledgeable about our sector, and great facilitation of discussions and information provided."

– Training participant, Braeside Hospital

"Kerri worked as a partner with us to design a suite of programs, including an excellent six month Leadership Coaching Program. She understood our sector and was able to adapt the coaching program to the different learning styles and competencies of participants who all benefited from the program and wanted to continue."

– Training Manager, Mental Health Sector

"The trainer made what is potentially a very dry topic really interesting – there was plenty of group interaction, so we were all kept engaged and I learnt a lot."

– Training participant, Liverpool City Council

"Thank you for not boring us to death with slides! The trainer’s approach was really inclusive and used the participants’ experiences to progress our learning and development."

– Training participant, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services, WA

"The trainer knew a lot about the topic, but didn’t ‘talk at us’ – I liked the different group activities we did and the way the trainer was able to make everyone feel safe to contribute. I really learnt a lot."

– Training participant, Dept. of Immigration & Citizenship, VIC

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the group coaching and one-on-one sessions. I have learnt so much and feel more confident and competent to address complex issues with staff and other services. Thank you also for your encouragement and guidance. I will definitely recommend you to other services."

– Management coaching program participant, Health Service

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